5 Publishing Apps to Watch

In the past, many publishers feared the industry’s inevitable digitalization, and mobile apps were often stigmatized as insignificant or even detrimental to the future and integrity of the publishing industry. But on the contrary, apps can open up brand new perspectives on the industry for publishers, authors, and readers. Could apps perhaps be the future of publishing? According to Alex Knapp, a Forbes contributor, “Publishers are turning to the app as a possible product for books moving forward.” By expanding the publishing industry in previously unimagined ways, apps can be a huge asset for the publishing industry. Read on for a sample of five apps to watch in the coming years. They might just be the key for publishing’s continued relevance in media’s constantly changing landscape.

– iBooks Author: This is an amazing app for authors of all kinds who are interested in publishing iBooks Textbooks (or any other kind of book for that matter). According to Apple, the free iBooks Author uses “galleries, video, interactive diagrams, 3D objects, mathematical expressions, and more” to “bring content to life in ways the printed page never could.”

iBooks Author (courtesy of apple.com)

iBooks Author (courtesy of apple.com)

– Booktrack: If you’re looking for a way to bring content to life even further, try out Booktrack, an app that provides a soundtrack to the book you’re reading. Knapp reported about this app, explaining, “As [Sherlock] Holmes sits by the fire, you hear the fire. When he and Watson are in a cab, you hear the clip-clop of the hooves. Even particularly cool is that it’s well-timed. There was a point where the story describes a woman screaming, and I heard the scream as I was reading the words. It made for a really immersive experience.”

– Goodreads: This one’s an oldie but a goodie. According to App Advice, Goodreads is essentially the premiere social media site for books, and allows readers to rate and review books, share barcodes, and confer with readers across the globe. If a book gets great reviews on Goodreads, a big boost in sales can be expected . 

– Chopsticks: Perhaps most groundbreaking, Chopsticks is an interactive storytelling experience that tells the story of a young couple in love by immersing you in the couple’s life through fictional photo albums, ticket stubs and handwritten notes. Know Your Apps, reported, “Chopsticks then is a revolution in eBook presentation, placing the job of character development in the hands of the user, but at the same time taking you deeper into the intimate details of characters’ lives than seems possible, yet it is done with great lightness of touch.”

A sample screenshot from Chopsticks (courtesy of knowyourapps.com)

A sample screenshot from Chopsticks (courtesy of knowyourapps.com)

– Mindnode: This app is perfect for any aspiring writer. By allowing you to map out your thoughts and story ideas, Mindnode enables writers, both famous and undiscovered, to plan the groundwork of their next book. Erin Enders of Bustle elaborates, “The map starts out with your central thought (or plot premise) and then branches out from there, with different characters, plot points, or settings having different branches.”


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